We appreciate the thought of working with an interior designer may be daunting but we are a modest, friendly team with a wealth of experience in high end customer service and design, trust us when we say your home will be in good hands.

Our experience also includes large-scale residential projects requiring full interior design, Grade II listed buildings of historical importance and new builds yet to reach construction stage.

Your home is a place where stepping through the front door or into a particular room should fill you with instant love and admiration.

For so many of us though this just isn’t the case and the impact of that can feel very overwhelming. We are here to create spaces that are completely bespoke to your tastes and desires, even if at this point you don’t know what they are yet.

Frequently asked questions:-

Why do I need an Interior Designer?

Many of our clients have a wonderful sense of style and specific ideas about pieces, colors, and fabrics. These details, however, aren’t enough to create successful interiors. Professional designers see the big picture, helping to clarify the overall vision for your space and how you want it to feel. With years of expertise, deep knowledge of brands, and longstanding vendor relationships, they escort their projects to smooth finishes and prevent costly mistakes along the way.

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How is Home Staging different from Interior Design?

Home staging is the art of presenting spaces for sale. Staged interiors are temporary installs designed to appeal to a broad range of potential buyers. The goal is to make those buyers easily see themselves living there, triggering the desire for a space that motivates quick, high bids.
Interior design is personal and permanent. Your designer needs to understand your specific lifestyle, preferences and functional needs. Interior design is custom, specific to you, creating a unique and individual space that truly feels like home.

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How involved will I need to be in the Interior Design Process?

As your project begins, we’ll need your detailed input to help establish your style, functional needs, and other objectives. Once your design plan is drafted and approved, you can choose to participate in as little or as much of the decision-making as you’d like. Some clients prefer a hands-off approach while others want to be an active part of the process. We’re happy to accommodate either preference.

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